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Closet CheckList Spotlight: Tailored Shorts

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This week on the Closet Checklist spotlight, we’re diving into a trickier area. 


Shorts  get a bad rap. They’re blamed for making us look either childish or frumpy, and certainly anything but chic.

But... since  Bermudas are especially trending this year, right now  is a fantastic time to snag a few pairs on sale before  the Fall styles start coming in! 

Okay wait… before you give a big sigh, and and tell me about those olive chinos that uncomfortably (and unflatteringly) straddled your thighs, just hear me out with a few easy tips on how to  find a pair of shorts that (I promise!) will make you feel elegant, stylish, and oh so summer chic!

Here are 5 tips on how to buy the perfect feminine shorts

1. Choose feminine colors and prints. Shorts are traditionally seen as a menswear and/or androgynous style choice, this is an easy way to add feminine flair.

2. Choose high-end fabrics (like silk). This  adds a luxe vibe and extra layer of elegance, with an unexpected twist.

3. Shop for shorts that can be dressed up with a nice blouse. This will add a ton of versatility to your closet.

4. Make sure your shorts fit comfortably around BOTH your hips and thighs. If one or the other is not comfortable or flattering it will  throw you out of proportion. And an ill-fitting look is never a chic look.

5. High-waisted shorts help retain a feminine silhouette by accenting your waistline to emphasize the hourglass silhouette.

And (of course!) I wasn’t going to come up “short” with suggestions for you. Below are a few different styles I suggest deserve a stop and shop.

Happy shopping! Go snag the perfect pair (or two or three) before the summer is over!

Question: How do YOU wear shorts?

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