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The Proof is in the Provence: What the South of France has Taught Me About Style

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This summer, Brice and I have been enjoying  spending time in the South of France. During the week, we are  in our small village working, and on the weekends, we’re spending time with our family, visiting friends, and savoring the beauty of this amazing region my husband’s family calls home.

And so of course, I can’t help but to soak up the styles and fashion. You may have read my postcards from Paris about French fashion, and while some of that same flair is true here, too, it definitely has its own unique flavor.

On one night especially, while we were at the theater, Provincial fashion really opened my eyes to how French women make their own signature statements:

Here are 7 exceptional characteristics for owning the Provence Look:

  1. It has to be easy.

  2. It is not fussy.

  3. There is elegance without looking or feeling  “manufactured”.

  4. Keep the makeup light:  touch of color on the lips, fill your brows, add mascara and, voila! Good skin is its own foundation, and comes from eating the right, healthy foods and getting the perfect amount of sunshine.

  5. Hair is never overly done. Go for “au naturel.”

  6. Nothing is too loud.

  7. A  simple yet well-tailored dress isEVERYTHING for an evening out!

And what would my blog post be without some fun recommendations for you to shop???!!

So... I’d like to focus on Provence characteristic #7. The simple, yet elegantly well-tailored dress for an evening out.

I was absolutely STUNNED by all the classy ladies dressed in beautiful dresses that, from afar, looked designed simply enough… but when I got  closer, I found the most beautiful stitching and subtle details that only someone who respects haute couture  could appreciate. 

I even got a secret snapshot of two such classy ladies here, LOL!

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So here below, are my Provencal inspired dresses for an evening out!

Happy Shopping! Hope this sparks some fun inspiration for your style!

Question: Which French Provincial characteristic are YOU most surprised about?

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