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Closet CheckList Spotlight: Blue Jeans

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While I was in Paris last week, I was struck to the core with how we choose (and wear!) a very common  fashion staple: JEANS. Something so simple, that each of us can so easily toss on and say, “I guess these will work,” really left an impression on me. 



What I learned from the Parisians is that they really know how to find a jean that flatters their UNIQUE body type. They aren’t trying to squeeze into a size below their actual size, to flatter their ego; but rather, they wear them with elegance and ease, whilst polishing it up with a blazer or jacket. I was also inspired by  the variety of styles- straight, cropped, wide, cropped and flared… and even more of a shocker- hardly any skinny jeans!

So for this month’s Closet Checklist Spotlight, I’d like to focus on blue jeans and denim slacks. I’d like to note last year’s article on the 5 categories to buy the perfect jean. But this week, I’d like to also give you some additional style inspiration. 

Let’s take a lesson from the Parisians and focus on fit. Rather than a ‘laser-focus’ on the brand, wash, or where you bought them… let’s shift our focus to how, if your jeans don’t fit right (too tight on the hip or across the thighs, too big at the waist, too long along the inseam), it will throw all your other proportions out of whack, too!.It will look as like something is just “off”no matter HOW much dinero you carved out for those puppies…!

So, before another pair of jeans get added to your closet, here are some tips on how to fit your body type

Straight: Straight jeans with higher waistlines allow you to tuck a shirt in and create the illusion of a more ‘hourglass’ silhouette.

Curvy: Stick with clean lines and alower rise (nothing too skinny/tight), and jeans with a bit of elastane woven into the denim.

Petite: Show a bit of ankle to lengthen the leg (cropped  looks work great!) and choose a midrise waistline to lengthen the torso.

Hourglass: Look for some elastane in the denim, to comfortably hug those curves while balancing out the hip/thigh areas with a flared leg.

***NOTE: There are always exceptions and this guidelines are not set in stone. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re  in the dressing room! And... if it doesn’t feel (or fit) quite right, trust your gut! When the ‘blue jeans of happiness’ find you, you’ll know it!

Here  are some denim looks sure to inspire branching out into new styles

Jeans shopping can be frustrating ( have you read this yet?) so I hope these tips help alleviate some of that stress and I wish you very happy shopping!

Question: Which jean style is YOUR favorite to wear and why?

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