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What Paris Taught Me May Be Missing From My Closet

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This past week my husband, Brice, and I decided to stay in Paris awhile longerbefore taking the train  to Avignon. And of course, the whole time I was there I was just soaking UP the fashion. 

SO I was pleasantly surprised to find one piece in particular showing up as a fashion statement embraced among  ALL age groups.

Okay,  so we always  hear about and read articles about how the French build their wardrobe around classic,  investment pieces. But even knowing this, I was not prepared to discover that this would include… 

Slacks! Yes, basic trousers. Pants. By any other name, you still put them on one leg at time.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they were as prevalent a style statement as jeans, but they were pretty darned close! 

And they were worn  so effortlessly! Perhaps  because slacks/trousers can deliver a remarkable fit, providing you know how to look for the right size and cut. 

But the biggest fashion take away I brought back from Paris was how ALL these women in their slacks looked so approachable and casual while wearing them.

So here are some fun ways to try incorporating trousers or slacks into your everyday lifestyle.

  1. Go for cropped, wide-legged pants to create a more  beach/summertime feel.

  2. Pair them with sneakers… yes! It’s a look that combines chic tailored dressing with the easy practicality of being a woman on the go!

  3. Don’t overthink the top, go for an easy cotton T-shirt.

  4. A denim jacket can easily turn a polished Look into a cool and relaxed statement.

  5. Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate it with jewelry, or overdo your hair or makeup. Think easy!

So, I’m off on my search for the perfect trouser… I hope you will join me!!

Question: What’s YOUR favorite set of slacks or pants in your closet?

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