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The Miracle Step to Dream Jeans

Jeans shopping can be a pretty distressing saga for us.  Moreso, than not, you have to convince yourself these jeans “will do” rather than trying to convince yourself to not buy every pair.  It is really difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans, made just for you.

Have a think about how jeans come to be.  Every brand has not only a different team of pattern makers and designers, but they also have a niche market for the woman and even body type.  

Try and think of someone who has the exact similar derriere and legs as you?  Did someone actually come to mind?  … If yes, probably not many!!  

It's so rare for 2 people to be so alike when taking into consideration, leg height, torso height, hip width, keister roundness, thigh circumference, and I could go on!  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants- no way, no how!!

Yet, we still fall within a few sizes give or take.  So, it is to of no SHOCK that we get discouraged when we go into a fitting room with a stack of jeans, and come out let down and feel obligated to take the ones “that work”.

I can just SEE my mom popping into the dressing room saying “have you come out yet?”.

Noooo!!  UGH!”.  Nothing worthwhile to show.

Let's go back to my high school days when I was lacrosse player with my “thunder thighs”.  They were so inordinately muscular and disproportionate from the rest of my late-blooming self.  Jeans that fit my waist perfectly, would NOT, for the life of me, get over the boulders that propelled me down the field.

I specifically remember being a little sophomore in the American Eagle dressing room.  There was NO way the size that fit my waist would get OVER my thighs.  Putting jeans on was like being pulled up a roller coaster.  It was the slow crank... crank... crank in anticipation… until... the jeans STOPPED coming up!  STUCK!! Mission aborted!  And I refused to buy a pair of jeans I had to lie on my back and wiggle my way in.  

I was just stuck. Stuck in frustration!  All I wanted were the new trendy skinnies!!

Years later, I’m able to break it down (about time!).  What got me to this point where trying on jeans RUINED my day?!

a.) I felt I needed nuuuuumerous pairs of blue jeans. (it was tough enough at the time finding one)

b.) I was fixated to wear specific brands. (circa 2004, it was AE)

These 2 road blocks made me SO frustrated.  After I took a hiatus from jeans, I realized that all I really needed… the only blue jean I really need is that ONE magical pair.  That one unicorn jean that feels it was designed and sewn just for me.  The pair that made me feel like the fifth friend in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. 

So how do I buy jeans and not coming out feeling like a roaring monster?  

To do this, I had to change two things

1.  Only own 1 of each color.  I now own a black, blue, white, grey, ripped jean and coated black jean.  Not only does this simplify to a smaller closet, but it forces you to make sure that one pair is THE perfect pair.

2.  Be open to brands geared for YOUR body type.  Brands will relatively stick within the same fabric composition (if you’re a pear or hourglass, look for jeans with lycra or elastane) and cut (what suits your frame/build).  If you’ve found your brand- don’t feel that you need to “branch out”- know what works for you and enjoy that.  I've always wanted to wear a J. Crew denim... but after years of trying them on- they just do NOT work for my frame.  J. Brand however... BINGO!!

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One of my favorite results from this shift in mindset, is the freeing feeling to shop and not be on the lookout for a ‘better jean’.  I can just enjoy finding fun tops and jackets to pair with my perfect-fitting jeans.  To know that the base of your outfit is “set”, also opens up for more creativity with tops and accessories you choose!  It's easier to discover your style, without having to be worried about the rocky foundation.

Question:  What is your unicorn jean?


PS... Next week, I'll talk about how to find YOUR PERFECT pair of jeans.  

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