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Cry No More: Closet Cleanse

We’ve all opened our closets, staring at a HEAP of clothes, and felt like there’s NOTHING to wear.

Nothing. looks. good.  …(Ugh.)

But let’s face REALITY .... the REAL issue is this: our closets are filled with clothes we don’t even like!!  WHY?! Why do we do this!! Let’s do a quick summary of how terrible the situation is by counting which clothes in your closet  you’d pay double what you paid.  How many are there?  Ten. Five. Maybe one. This is a good indicator of which pieces you enjoy most in your closet.

But how are you and I getting stuck with clothes that act as leeches on us? I can’t tell you how many times I see women buy a top because, “Well, it was on sale, so I had to get it.”  Or keep a dress we don’t really wear because, “Well it doesn’t fit my friend anymore, so she gave it to me” (guilty!).  Or perhaps you keep some ratty jeans because you’re proud you can still fit in your high school jeans : |

Looking back at my freshman and sophomore year in college.... I had WAY too many clothes.  I left Calabasas with a closet full of clothes (even after shipping multiple boxes) and headed to DC with a 2nd closet full of clothes.  I remember checking in for my flight with my 2 large suitcases.  I put them on the scale…and I was crushed.

The attendant looked at me and said, “Baby, these are overweight…”  

I felt like she had just told me I got kicked out of college.  I was NOT about to lighten my suitcases.

Nearly breaking down in tears, trying to hold it together (not overly dramatic at all)... I looked at her with my watery eyes and said “but I’m going to COLLEGE!!!”.  

She took my bags, and I didn’t have to pay the charge. SUCCESS! I felt like I won the lottery. I was so relieved that I could lug all of the clothes I really didn’t need.

HOW. EVER.  Looking back on it, I almost wish she did charge me.  

The thing is: I really didn’t need all of those clothes.  I probably only really wore ⅓ of what I brought.  And having those other clothes just made my closet messy, crunched, tight, and confusing.

Throughout my years as a stylist, I’ve dramatically decreased my closet (ironic, right?).  Each garment I own, I delight in wearing and it easily incorporates into my lifestyle.  It’s a thoughtful closet, with curated pieces that excite me.


So how can you rid your closet of lack-luster and stress?  I’ve uncovered 5 KEY CRITERIA to achieve this that will help you make the most of your closet.

1. Fit:  Does it fit right now, at this moment?

2. Wearability: Have I worn it in the past 30 days? And. More than 6 times in 6 months?

3. Quality: Is it in good condition?

4. Mood: Do I feel pretty in it?

5. Style:  Is this the image I want to convey?

Now, if you’ve responded “no” to ANY of these criteria… I recommend placing it in your donate pile (you can also sell them on Poshmark or ThredUp, if you’re stuck for cash).  

Yes, it’s that easy. These 5 criteria will help you look at your closet with more perspective. But most importantly, you will have more appreciation for the pieces that you really enjoy wearing, feel better about your closet, and have space for that peplum blazer which I recommended in my previous article! (If you missed reading this article, click here to check it out.)

Truth or Dare: 

Truth: What item in your closet has not been worn the in longest amount of time? ... And dish how long!

Dare:  Throw something out right now!


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