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Fashion Cure All: The Peplum Blazer

We need to stop and just appreciate what a miracle worker the peplum blazer is.  Tell me... what other piece can you easily pop over a basic tee to not only get the frame of structured shoulders, but also the illusion of a smaller waistline.  

I want to explain to you why, but first...

Let’s go back in time a bit… when I worked in an office environment (blah!) I wanted a blazer, so that I’d come across a tad more competent with a stronger, professional presence.  

As the only fashion girl, surrounded by business gurus (omg, where am I) and data analysts (oh my goodness… what's even my name…) I needed some outside help!

And I OBVIOUSLY thought the solution would be with clothes, would you agree? ; )  As much as I liked living in my pink fur jacket and jeans, it just wasn’t quite saying what needed to be said.

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Ergo, I needed a blazer.

I had a couple blazers already, so I popped them on and tried to make them work. My problem was that they made me TOO structured.  I felt robotic, stuffy and stiff.  And the WORST part was that it hid my waistline and gave me big shoulders!  A structured, strong shoulder is nice, but when you’re also not showing your waist - it just didn’t jive for me.  

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 Now… you might be thinking: “Meghan, how about balancing it out with a feminine dress?”

Well, let me tell you why: Our office was FREEZING!!! Also, I always have to have my feet up on my chair.  So as a lady, dresses and skirts were a definite no-go.  Jeans were my only option!!!

And this is where the peplum blazer comes in.

The peplum blazer solved ALL of my concerns!

  1. It highlighted my waistline, so I felt figure-flattered and feminine.

  2. I could wear it with jeans, so I could be warm in an overly AC’ed building, as well as, sit Indian style.

  3. Versatility!  It didn’t matter too much what I wore under it, so it made getting dressed in the morning super stress-FREE.  If I ran out of nicer silk blouses, I could still pull it off with a simple tank.

Here are some of my fave peplum blazers out now! And also on sale ; )

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And here’s the best part. If you’re trying to go for a more professional vibe… the peplum blazer is just an all around fun piece to play with. Juxtaposing it against unsuspecting pieces will bring an edgy contrast and unique aesthetic to your outfit.  Pair it with shorts or ripped jeans- creative combinations like this make a small closet feel BIG.  Who doesn’t want that?!  

This figure-flattering, timeless piece is such a classic “feel-good” asset to a woman’s closet.  It’s a beautiful trio of flirty, strong, and elegant.

So that’s why I think you must have a peplum blazer in your closet.

You can pop it over your ugliest tank top (though if it’s ugly maybe just throw it away) and STILL look amazing. The peplum blazer is woman’s perfect solution to feel professional and polished without losing her flirty figure and femininity.  

Question: What is your go-to jacket? I’d really like to hear your thoughts!

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