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How to Style Your Ash Wednesday Outfit

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It is Ash Wednesday!  I remember being in grade school, so excited to wear my ashes to soccer practice after school.  At mass, there was loads of chit chat as everyone made their way back to the pews getting back into the pew, talking about who got the biggest one.  

And now, in my late 20s… I STILL get excited to see what type of cross the priest gave me and if he gave me “a good one”…..  

Clearly, I’ve matured.

Last year, I got a really light one that looked like a smudge.  I went to work, and a coworker informed me that I had something on my head.  MAJOR FACE PALM.  

Why couldn’t i just get a good cross to match my coordinating outfit?!!!  I was prepped and ready for “a good one”!!


HOWEVER.  I learned a good lesson that day.  The lesson totally makes me realize that I’m a little distracted by the facade and should focus on the crazy, mind-blowing meaning… right?!

My ashes remind me to grieve my division from God because of my sinning.  That is BIG stuff.  Grande.  We have such beautiful rich traditions and spirituality, that it’s so easy to take it at “face” value.  

You and I know this, and that’s what makes Ash Wednesday so special. We understand the bigger picture, and we are delighted to be Catholic and have the opportunity to recognize God’s mercy, forgiveness, and patience with us.

And because we are so thankful, we should show it, right? :-)

I never miss an opportunity to make a statement with my ashes, and you shouldn’t either.

Ash Wednesday is a great day to show the world that we are Catholic and that Catholics are fashionable.

As St Francis Xavier said, “Let’s set the world afire.”

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For me, that’s walking with confidence with my ashes in a super fun outfit!

Here are my 3 simple recommendations for having a stellar Ash Wednesday outfit:

  1. Not the day for your silk top (I know, even though it’s V-Day).  Remember that some of the ash sprinkles down, so let’s not add extra penance making a to the dry-cleaners.

  2. You might already feel a little self-conscious walking around with black ash on your forehead.  To curb any of these feelings, try wearing your favorite outfit.  This might give you just the boost of confidence you need!

  3. Structure.  Your clothes speak before you do!  If you’re approached by people, you want to have a strong presence.  Blazers, jackets, leather, and heels will come across more commanding and assertive with what you’re saying.  

Have a blessed Ash Wednesday and may the Saints and angels help you this lent… Woo!

Question: What will be wearing this Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday?

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