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Your Closet: More Chant Less Chaos

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Did you ever have something in your closet that you would feel guilty if you gave it away? Maybe you paid a lot of money for it, or it was a gift, or it still had the store tag on it... (Don’t worry, we’ve all had one of these types of pieces in our closet  at least ONCE before so you’re not alone!)

And when you finally gave it away and got it O-U-T of your close didn’t it feel OH-SO- GOOD?

This past Sunday, our priest delivered  an awesome homily about getting rid of the “noise” around us this Lent. You know, all those things that aren’t necessarily evil but aren’t so much sending us to the heights of heaven, either.

And after I thought about it, from a spiritual side  to my life… I (of course) thought it could be applied to our closets! (Don’t worry this revelation came days later…. NOT during Mass!)

For us  to get closer to finding a stress-free style, we MUST get rid of all the “noise” drowning our soon-to-be-amazing closets down. We have to let go of all the muddled, below-par things in our wardrobe that hold us back us from setting our style  bar higher!

So let’s do it!

So what contributes to a noisy closet? Well, it will contain at least one of the following attributes:

  1. It causes us to experience a feeling of stress when we put it on.

  2. It is too small or too big.

  3. It doesn’t go with much else in your closet.

  4. It’s always more of a hassle to care for than you’d like.

  5. You feel it makes you look frumpy or too young/provocative.

  6. The quality is low and needs to be replaced/repaired.

  7. You feel  it changes the shape of your body in a negative way.

Are any of these ringing out to you? If so, it’s worth it to set a noisy piece aside, at least for a month. If you don’t miss it… then you can march on down to your local donations/secondhand shop to give someone else a chance to enjoy it!!

Question: How much noise do  YOU have in your closet?

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