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CheckList Spotlight: The White Button-Down

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Every few weeks, I’ll be focusing on a different  aspect of my Closet Checklist. I get so many questions about how to follow a checklist , I thought it’d be great to dive in, piece by piece. This way, you’ll not only have links to purchase these suggestions, but also get some styling tips.

You may have seen the white button-down shirt making a resurgence. . A lot of people (that you might not expect), have embraced the trend. And this is what I want to note.

This is a top that I cannot go without (so much so I have it in four different styles!). It’s SUCH a versatile piece. It’s something that, when you’re uncertain about what to wear, you can just throw it on with your fave jeans, slipe on a printed flat or chic bootie… et voila!!

Many people shy away from pieces like this BUT… Although it is something trendy now, it DOES NOT mean it will be un-stylish to wear  next year.

A white button-down shirt is always a chic piece. I mean… look to the French for timeless elegance. Type it in on Pinterest “Parisian chic button down” and you’ll get LOADS of inspiration.

PC: Adoreness

PC: Adoreness

Now, before you go and invest in the perrrrrrrfect button-down, I want to send you off with a few tips!

  1. What are your top 3 bottoms (skirts or pants) that you’ll be pairing this with generally? This is important, as you’ll want to balance out proportions with whichever bottom you choose. For instance, if you’re wearing it with a fuller skirt, you’ll want to get a more fitted shirt. If you’re pairing it with a skinny jean, you can go for a more flowing, looser  fit.

  2. Before the tags come off… make sure it’s not a ‘see through’! People have been getting a little more lax about letting show what’s underneath a shirt (oh my!) so make sure you walk into differently lit rooms and go outside to check how much of what’s under your shirt shows through it.

  3. Are you a Queen of Starch and Ironing? If so, great! If not, perhaps you’ll want to consider choosing a more ‘bohemian’ oversized style in a silky fabric, so as to avoid messy wrinkles!

  4. Versatility! ! Check if it looks good with the sleeves rolled up, sleeves down, untucked, tucked, with statement jewelry, a sweater over it, etc. Make sure you can squeeze every style statement that you want out of it!

  5. Invest more in quality. Since this is a piece you’ll always have, it’s worth spending a little more of your hard-earned money on it - you’re worth it! This will be a piece  that will last for years, work with weight fluctuations, and its quality will show through. When choosing anything with a tailored look, like a button-down shirt, don’t be afraid to spend a little more… a well-crafted  collar is everything!).

Below are a few specific white button-downs that might look  perfect on YOU!!

By adding just this ONE piece to your closet, you will exponentially grow your fashion options. Check that off your closet list! Congratulations!

Question: What kind of white button-down shirt will  YOU be adding to your closet?

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