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Inspired by St. Patrick: How to wear GREEN

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With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner I thought we’d focus on different ways to wear green! Not just for this Sunday, but also how best to incorporate green style statements into  your everyday wardrobe.

I thought I’d read up a bit on Saint Patrick for inspiration and guess what? I learned that he converted thousands of druids during the 400’s AD.

During the 400s!!!

How incredible is that?! Christianity was NEW and yet Saint Patrick had the gumption, fire and pizzazz to flee captivity and keep telling people about Christ and the Scriptures!

He had  some SERIOUS Holy Spirit fire! So, in honor of remembering him, let’s have some  fun diving into the “wearing o’ the green.” And it can be a fantastic talking point when people mention your “spirited green-ness” because it’s way better to speak about the REAL Saint Patrick rather some watered down Lucky Charms version of this awesome feast day!

Okay…. Back to fashion.

Below are 5 ways to wear green that you can wear, not just this Sunday… but year round!

And in honor of the Blessed Mother, everybody needs some green shoes! According Ann Catherine Emmerich’s visions, the Blessed Mother wore green-soled shoes on the day of her wedding to Joseph. Talk about style!!

Waist belts are a GREAT way to add a feminine touch to your Look. They’ll bring you in at the narrowest part and highlight an hourglass silhouette . If you’re wearing flowier, oversized fabrics, this is a great way to add structure and lines in your Look.

I can’t tell you HOW often you’ll get a chance to wear a surplus jacket. It’s one of those grab-and-go pieces. Something you can toss over a jeans and T-shirt, slip on with some leopard flats, and zip out of the house. If you have some dressier skirts or dresses, you can also add this to give your Look  a more casual and relaxed feel.

Neck scarves are fantastic ways to bring color into a more neutral wardrobe. Even though it’s very trendy right now, this is a classic Look that you can always pull off. Scarves  are not just great to wear around your neck, they have the versatility to be worn in your hair or even wrapped in a bow on your purse handle. Accessories like this allow you to have a smaller wardrobe but still get color, flair, and personality!

An olive  jean is fantastic to have in your jeans/slacks repertoire.  It’s a great option when you want to be comfortable, stylish, and casual but don’t want to wear  typical denim jeans. Olive green is a choice on the fashion palette that gives you something fresh to wear that isn’t too “out there.” Also, it looks great in the summertime with wedges (and a tan)!

Now spring into a few fresh ways to keep the zeal of Saint Patrick with you all year-round!

Question: How will YOU be wearing your green?!

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