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Choose RED to express your Catholic Faith this Valentine's Day

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What to say about Valentine’s Day?, Okay, sometimes it’s fun to delve into a holiday’s more corny and festive side. Who doesn’t like to burn off some winter cabin fever by spreading a little love this month? Put on something pink, send little cards (or candy hearts) to friends and family, maybe bake a few heart-shaped cookies (there’s no calories if they’re baked with LOVE, right?)

But on the other hand, when I see how crazed the retail stores get with overdoing the pink and red decor, or the shelf after shelf of heart-shaped chocolates, it’s enough to make some people want to run for the hills!

So... I recently read something that might change how all of us look at Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day (in the Catholic tradition), was celebrated in the Middle Ages to overpower the pagan holiday, Lupercalia. St. Valentine was a clubbed to death (can you believe that?!) for marrying Christian couples.

Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine

St. Valentine DIED for encouraging Christian marriages! He knew the immense power and sanctification God gives through it. Valentine gave his blood for it! Could you imagine doing that today?!?!


So, in his honor. How cool would it be to wear red for two reasons:

  1. In respect for how he gave his life as a Martyr for couples to marry and love one another.

2. In gratitude of our sanctification through our marriage!

So, let’s express our happiness, our gratitude, and our love for St. Valentine, and his martyrdom for the sake of marriage,  by choosing to wear something RED this February 14.

Let’s express our faith through our clothes!

Here are some fun red pieces that can be added for a little St. Valentine’s Day style!

TopShop Tie Neck Midi Dress

TopShop Tie Neck Midi Dress

Hope this makes those chocolates taste a little sweeter! ; )

Question: How will YOU wear red this Valentine’s Day? Let’s share our RED Looks. Use hashtag #catholicvalentine and tag @meghanashleystyling on Instagram, so how we style our red Looks! Can’t wait to see you!!

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