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The Miraculous Medal: A Catholic’s ULTIMATE Fashion Accessory

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All of the best fashion comes from Paris. But if you beg to differ, you can at least admit it’s at least one of the major fashion capitals of the world.

Paris being what Paris is… what better place for Mother Mary to have given the miraculous medal to St. Catherine Laboure and spread the MOST powerful of fashion statements... from a convent in Paris!

{  Mother Mary has quite good taste ; )  

If you’re not familiar with this  miraculous medal, it was given to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830, after the Reign of Terror in France… all in the name of “freedom”.

One day during that awful Reign, on November 27, Mother Mary appeared to Sister Catherine in a high-neck, long-sleeved silk dress that was the color of dawn, and wearing a white veil.

Hang on… PAUSE.

Can we just take a moment and imagine THAT?! How much more STUNNING could she have looked?! What a gorgeous outfit to wear while giving this humble nun with one of the MOST POWERFUL emblems we the faithful can possibly hope to wear.

Mary promised that, whoever wears the medal, will receive great graces.

By the time St. Catherine passed away, billions of miraculous medals had spread throughout the world, followed by conversions and miracles. And get this… during her life, NO ONE (but her confessor) knew that she was the nun that our Holy Mother Mary had given the medal to .  And (talk about timeless elegance, huh?) when they exhumed her body years later... it was as if she had freshly passed.

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C’est increible!!

I’ve worn the miraculous medal but always wished I could wear it on a RING. And… I’ve found it!!

A woman in Paris (ironically enough), handcrafts miraculous medals into rings, and they are gorgeous, well made, and an AMAZING price.

Especially if you’re someone that doesn’t like things around your neck… this is a fantastic alternative. She makes a larger version of the ring and a smaller, stackable edition, too. I went with a tiny ring because I felt it was more feminine and more “my” style.

She even has options in rose gold… which is not only trending, but SUPER feminine and flattering on so many skin tones.

And if rings aren’t your jam, she also makes gorgeous necklaces. I really like how the medal is worked horizontally into the necklace and not dangling down.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of these gorgeous miraculous medal rings. Not only are they so fashionable but most importantly, you’ll be showered by graces through Mary!

Question: Do you wear the miraculous medal?

PS -- If you’re on a tighter budget this month (thanks, holidays), you can get a free one, HERE. (Then you can just  attach to a chain that you already have.)

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