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Nuns + Pink Habit = Ultimate Fashion Statement

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Pink. As one of the top trends this year, pink often comes with a certain stereotype…. Juvenile, overly feminine, soft and fluffy...… (You get the picture.)

But let’s look at pink in a liturgical way. Pink in Catholicism represents … JOY!

For example, have you heard of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters? They are a convent of religious nuns who wear pink (rose) habits. They are SO stunning! They chose pink for 2 reasons:

1.To honor the Holy Spirit, and represent their dedication to the Third person of The Most Holy Trinity.

2.This color symbolizes joy to the Church, and expresses the nuns’ joy as they adore Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

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So, rather than staying locked in an old mindset that  pink = Barbie dolls, let’s reorient our minds to invite a more “Catholic” version of the color into our homes (and closets) and adopt this joyful color ofthe Church in to our daily lives.

And great news! Since rose (or pink, or blush) are trending this year, it will be an easy color to incorporate into your closet.  It’s a color that can bring a bloom to your closet and to your complexion!

Here are some of my favorite pink pieces:

Don’t these great ideas just make you want to “blush?”

Question: Now, how will YOU wear pink?

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