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Welcome to my blog. Your Personal Stylist here for you to offer tips, tricks and hacks to look great!  You are that much closer to a beautiful and peaceful wardrobe : )

My chat with Jennifer Fulwiler: How fashion will change your life!

Recently I got to sit down with Jennifer Fulwiler.  She is A LOT of fun to chat with (have you listened to her show before?? It’s a blast!).  ANNNND she is just as much fun to style as she is to chat with!  

As with each of my clients, the two of us BOTH discover a lot and have a good time while doing it.  We talk how being intentional with fashion can make you feel different and change your life. To get more of the scoop, have a look at the video below.  

Also, if you see me waving my hand dramatically, it was code red for "stop. taking. pics!!!!".   I was embarrassed that my husband was getting so many photos of my bad angle. LOL.

You can pick up her NEW book (totally recommend it) here!  And! She also interviewed my husband, and what he gives to people will blow your mind! (It's really super cool!!)

Breaking the Stereotype: Comfort Shoes

But I don't work at an office!