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Welcome to my blog. Your Personal Stylist here for you to offer tips, tricks and hacks to look great!  You are that much closer to a beautiful and peaceful wardrobe : )

But I don't work at an office!

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Blazers.  I used to be super against them. I thought they were just “too much” and a little too stuffy for me. 

The first blazer I actually bought was after college.  It was a ruched, ponte 3/4” sleeves (i know, horrible.  why was that a trend?).  And well, never wore it- shocker!  (and thank goodness).

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve accumulated a few nice blazers that I’ll know I’ll have for some time. 

I’m not going to lie, but they really did get a lot of hanger time.  I’d rarely wear them.

However, I started to have jobs where wearing blazers was really beneficial for me. So... I had to make them work. 

And it wasn't that I had to just make them work with the clothes that already existed in my closet, but I also still wanted to feel like "me". 

So, I opened my closet and ... at first glance, I was like "ew yikes, uhhhh....nothing goes with this…"

Then comes the waaaaaaaave of discouragement. 

After flailing on my bed in frustration (gotta get it out!), I tried to look a just little harder and think out of the box.  So I did.

It came out, that I liked the combinations BETTER than if I had bought complete outfits for them.  

Even now, I never ever “need” to wear a blazer.  Most days I’m working from home, cleaning, exercising, or walking to the market. But you know?  I still am SO thankful I have them in my wardrobe because even though that being my lifestyle, I wear them quite frequently!

And I think you'll like them, too if you use them creatively, as well!

I was just travelling in the States with a blazer and was SO thankful I did.  It was that one piece in my suitcase that could transition just a FEW pieces to make NUMEROUS outfits for SO MANY different occasions.  

Below are a few ways I  made blazers work with my typical outfits.

Catherine Malandrino  (similar to the cut of mine)

Catherine Malandrino (similar to the cut of mine)

For my shape, my go-to is skirts.  So, I took a bubblegum pink, leather skirt that I'd typically wear with a simple tank or Tee for a summer day (even with sneakers, too).  If I have a lunch or am going into a church, I can easily pop this blazer on.  It gives me a little more polish and modesty without being too hot on a summer afternoon : )

I am a HUGE-o fan of white jeans.  You get the comfort and ease of denim, yet they looked much more polished and classy than blue jeans.  If you're afraid you'll get them dirty- that's perfect!  Just use bleach and you don't have a prob!  I also love to pair a metallic loafer with jeans, it give it just that extra little nudge to a little more polish and unique-ness.


Shorts are from  Anthropologie

Shorts are from Anthropologie

You may recognize this top I've worn in 2 of these photos (i wear it, a TON).  It's one of my biggest recommendations to clients.  They're so easy to pop under a sweater, jacket, blazer... also pairing quite easily with shorts, skirts, jeans and slacks.  I recommend sizing up 2 sizes (yep... for real!) because it will give you a flowier fit, which when tucked in will really highlight a smaller waistline.

I can't wait to see how YOU pair your blazer.

Question: How will you be wearing a blazer?



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