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2018 Spring trends you already own (without even knowing!)

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sun, sun SUN!  Why does winter always feel just a bit too long?! 

But enough complaining! I am SO happy that Spring is here and back enjoying the warm weather in Provence. The leaves are just sprouting off the vineyards!  I'm also on a mission to discover how I can sit outside with my laptop, without it overheating and crashing (suggestions, anyone???).

So, this post is a little different this week. We’ve been talking a lot about closets, and how to rid it of clothes that dont't scream YOU. 

Now, I'd like to switch gears and delve into styling. 

Let's chat about this Spring trends. Now, sometimes when I hear the word trend, it can cause a little bit of panic. It can be a totally exhausting thought, trying to "keep up" and then you'll spend money on pieces you only wear for that season. BUT. At the same time, it's a great way to connect with people and through first impressions, appear relevant & approachable to people. 

Okay, ya yaaaaa... but still!  Buying pieces you're afraid you'll only use a few months!

How can i make it all work!!!!!!!!

When I felt discouraged by following trends, I just gave up and went for classic, timeless, minimalistic pieces.  You know... pieces that "made sense" and were practical.

But then!!! ....


This is where the gem is....

I began to see, that trends were just exaggerations of qualities in clothes that were really ... already IN my closet, IF I got creative enough.   AND... not just mine, yours too! 

We just have to look a little harder and style our pieces in a unique and creative way.

And boom!  Your ticket to your A+ fashion game.

All it takes is fresh and creative ways to wear them.

Take for instance, this list below. Women’s Wear Daily (basically the bible for fashion) outlays the 12 trends for spring.  With a little thought, I was able to make these trends “my own”.

Spring 2018 Trends:

americana  //  anoraks  //  fancy denim  //  saturated  //  transparencies  //  mixed prints  //  pastels  //  satin & shine  //  fringe  //  japonica  //  tulle  //  utilitarian

Okay, so I took a look at my closet, perused through, and thought how I could "rework" my existing pieces to have fun with the for the Spring '18 trends. 

It was a lot of fun!  Have a peek below at what I found : )  

1. Anoraks:  These are fantastic jackets to wear with jeans and booties (an easy piece to pop over a simple Tee!), but I wanted to make this feel 'new' and highlight the trend. So, I decided to contrast this army green with a gold shimmery dress.  

2. Americana: An easy way to incorporate trends is through accessories. I gave this Americana Look a french vibe with the neck scarf.  It's fun to not take trends 'too seriously' and give it your own personal flair.

3.  Mixed prints:  Sure you can pop a printed sweater over a striped blouse, but try to take it one step further.  Go a little bolder by doing a full head to toe in print!  My rule for mixing prints?  As long as the prints aren't too similar (meaning different in size and aesthetic), they'll most likely "go".  Take for instance this Southwest print with a nautical, preppy stripe!

Blue/White striped top , Skirt: vintage find from  Buffalo Exchange

Blue/White striped top, Skirt: vintage find from Buffalo Exchange

4.  Satin & Shine:  So I didn't have satin but I did have shine!  I took a shimmery New Years dress and pulled over it a classic Banana Republic skirt.  Don't be afraid to wear skirts over your dress- nobody can tell! and you've just added one more top to your collection without spending money... woo!)

5.  Fringe:  Typically associated with western/bohemian style, but I decided to give it a chic edge.  I paired this BCBG evening blouse with shorts and booties.  By pairing your nicer blouses with shorts and booties, you get a lot more wear out of those nicer pieces.

Well, there you have it!  I'm so excited to see how you follow these trends with the clothes you already have.  CanNOT wait to hear and see how it goes : )

Question: Which Spring trend will YOU try with your existing wardrobe?



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