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Breaking the Stereotype: Comfort Shoes

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Okay,  I'm about to talk about the most embarrassing part of my closet.

My heels.

My what?  Yes, I'm talking about my heels...


I. wear. comfort shoes.  Yes, those brands, that develop 'heinous' shoes so that women feel like they're walking on pillows.

Okay, Okay. So before the judging begins and you stop reading, I just have one question for you...

Now honestly, how many times in the past 2 weeks have you opted out of heels because you couldn't last all day in them? 

I used to pass on wearing heels, too- ALL. the. time. 


I'd wear them and writhe in pain by the end of the day.

I definitely didn't look as becoming as I wanted, walking like a drunken, peg foot pirate who's about to collapse. (you know the walk... don't we all?)

I remember on my first date with my husband thinking, "There is NO WAY I wasn't going to wear a heel!" 

Well, I chose some heeled, mule booties (super cute and very chic if I may add). HOWEVER... I had to wear those mules ALL day andd we did A LOT of walking.

By the time evening came (yes... this gets AWFUL... and embarrassing... so stop reading if you can't handle this), we decided to take a walk down Rodeo drive  He's from Texas, and it was his FIRST time in LA... so I thought to show him the sites. As I parked the car, I looked down at my feet.  They had HAD it. It was time to call it quits, but I was NOT going to surrender this opportunity to walk with this dreamy man only because I had poor footwear judgement.

I had to swallow my shame in this moment, for what I was about to do...  

I knew I had paper towels in my trunk, so I wrapped my feet with the paper towel for cushioning (sort of like cast).  To fasten the paper towels around my feet, I used 2 hairbands (probably placed in front of me by angels).

Oh and... HE WAS WATCHING!!!

I’m 100% sure I was the only one walking in Beverly Hills with paper towels wrapped around her feet --- and on her first date with her future husband. Not sure HOW my now-husband didn’t think I was a total lunatic at this extravaganza- but somehow he wasn’t turned off!!

Anyways, I lucked out in this situation. Unfortunately, we're not always able to take such dramatic measures to give a little TLC to our feet.

It was then that I realize that I had to my judgement against comfort shoes and give them a shot.

My whole life, my mother would advise for comfortable shoes, and I’d always get antsy in reply that I wanted to wear the cuter option.  Probably through her prayers, I’ve had the grace to be open-minded to these brands.  

As someone who is SUPER selective about the styles she wears, I can with complete honesty tell you that there are some gems amidst the "comfort brands." 

The trick is, you can't get turned off by first sight.  And, when people ask you, "Ooooh cute shoes! Where are they from???", you just gotta own it with confidence.

I’ve recently worn 3 brands of comfort shoes- Naturalizer, Born, and yes… even the dreaded Aerosoles.  


When I open my mind and dropped the barricade, that would only allow me to shop from specific “cool” brands- it not only made my feet happier, but it gave me MORE VERSATILITY with my wardrobe. 

And who doesn't want that?!!

Just imagine how much easier it is to get dressed when you're not inhibited by basing your outfit of shoes that won't put you in pain.  Being able to wear your heels more often will get you a LOT more options to get creative with your outfits.

To show what I’m talking about, I’ve chosen my favorite comfort shoe brands below with some pretty fierce picks!  

Disclaimer***  I am NOT in anyway recommending all of these are amazing styles from the brand's website.  I’m just saying- to look for the few gems.  Pretend your panning for gold trying to find those few golden pieces : )  

This is me, on the way to my wedding rehearsal in NYC... in my Aerosoles : ) No more PAPER TOWELS!!!!! : )

This is me, on the way to my wedding rehearsal in NYC... in my Aerosoles : ) No more PAPER TOWELS!!!!! : )

Well, there you have it! Now you know my big, dark secret! I hope this story inspires you to try comfort shoes as an alternative option, that will really help you survive the day and expand the versatility of your closet! 

: )

Meghan Ashley

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