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The Golden Ratio to a seemless closet

How many times have you been shopping and you see a top and thought… “Omg THIS!!! i LOVE it.”

but then...

you hesitate.

Thinking… "hmmmmmm... what would I wear it with??? I couldn’t wear it that often… That’s for someone really fashionable!  Meeee???!!"

It's not like I'm a fashion diva!


I used to do this a LOT.  I’d get really excited about pieces that seemed “impractical” or too “out there”.  I thought, after I wore it once people would be like, “wow, she’s wearing THAT again?!”.  I figured it was best to just keep it with the usual basics. 

huuuuuhhhh, the disappointment.

I got sick of thinking like this and decided to wear the tops that excited me. 

Ahhhhhhh! It was such a liberating and REBELLIOUS thought!  But then the clincher wass… how would I make it work?  How do I take those unique tops that I love, and make them work for my everyday?  How do I bring extraordinary pieces to an ordinary outfit?

Is. that. possible?

Can you really wear pieces you only see fashion bloggers and style editors only wear?  The answer is...


Okay, so now are you thinking?  But how?  How am I supposed to pull it off going to the office, or picking the kids up from school?

Well, I made it happen and I used math! (me?? use math?? I know, LOL!)

I invented the GOLDEN RATIO.  Let me explain...

I like to go by the 1 to 3 ratio.  For every top I own, I can pair it with 3 different bottoms (pants or skirts).  So even if I owned 5 tops, there’s 15 outfits that could be made!  And when you accessorize with jewelry, shoes and jackets, you’ve already doubled that to 30 outfits.   

Think about it.  You could own a beautiful closet with 15 pieces in it, and have a different outfit everyday of the month.  And remember, since you only own pieces you're crazy about (not including jackets & accessories), you have an outfit you actually LOVE …for EVERY day of the month.

Life just got WAY better!

Now…To be transparent, I obviously love fashion and am not an intense minimalist, so I’ll admit that I have a bigger closet than this : )  However!! I still stick to the 1:3 ratio. 

This Golden Ratio will get you to a closet with tops you absolutely LOVE.

Question:  How many of the tops in your closet follow this golden ratio

Here are some of my top picks for starting your new wardrobe!

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