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Welcome to my blog. Your Personal Stylist here for you to offer tips, tricks and hacks to look great!  You are that much closer to a beautiful and peaceful wardrobe : )

Stuck in Fashion Rut???

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How easy is it to become stuck in a style rut.  Super, right?! I used to feel like I’d always buy the same top, the same sweater, the same slacks over and over annnnddd…. Over.

Ugh.  So. lame.

I remember in high school seeing ladies immaculately dressed, just the ‘epitome’ of cool to me.  I was intrigued because it was beyond being “trendy” or “in style”… they had a chic and stylish vibe totally unique and personal.

And I just marveled how they could do that.

I wanted the same.  But with ALL of the stores and ALL of the brands… how did they know WHERE to shop and WHAT to try on?  

As I got more and more into fashion, I began to realize that the most “stylish” women are often the women that dress most accurately to their personality.  They have the ability to pinpoint their aesthetic and image, to accurately reflect who they are in their clothing... and with ease.

But how is this possible to understand your “language” and “personality” through clothes?  How the heck are my clothes reflecting what’s going on in the inside?!!!

Well… Fear not!  

Here are 2 great ways to make your start:

1.  Fashion quiz and survey.  By answering a few questions, you can easily have someone else tell you what all of your ‘indicators’ are telling you.  There are many sites you can access a fashion quiz (below are a couple). You can also email me directly and I”ll send you a survey with recommended stores for you to shop at.

She Knows: Fashion Quiz
Visual Therapy: Fashion Quiz

2.  Once you’ve found your style vibe, type in the words that describe you into Pinterest.  For instance, if you’re quiz tells you that you're classic and preppy, you can type in “classic/preppy skirts” or “best classic/preppy stores” to launch your shopping.  Save it in your board "My Dream Look". This will create your personal mood board.  Now you have direct links to make your dream closet a reality.

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I hope you're as excited as I am for you to get you closer to a style that's more YOU!  Below are some of my fave pics from my own Dream board : )

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Question:  After taking your quiz, what style are you?

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