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The 10 Commandments of Online Shopping


I know… it can seem totally daunting.  Buying something you’ve never tried on?!  Especially when your closet is already FILLED with pieces that already don’t fit well.

And let’s not forget the returns… who likes going to the Post Office?!  Isn’t that why there's always that box, sitting in your entry way, waiting to be taken out?

What. hope. Is there.

It’s easy to think we’re going to waste our money doing it because … well??? Most of us have!

I once accidentally purchased 3 of the same watch. (insert face palm).  I went on a trip to Europe and missed the the return date. Woopsie!

So, I can guarantee you, you will always see me wearing a white carrera marble and rose gold watch…. HAH!!

But… (you know there has to be a but…)

There actually IS a way.  If you think how quickly retail is closing and online stores are booming- there has to be a way to do it, right???

And thankfully, it’s been my job for the past 2 years to bring women their dream closet… ALL through shopping online.  And I can tell you for sure, that it is possible.

Like anything else you do successfully, there needs to be a guide, a plan, a recipe.  So, I’ve written up my 10 Commandments for online shopping. These 10 tips will make or break your online experience.

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1. Use the filters.  Be efficient with your time and know what your looking for.  The filters will let you see the BEST of what your confines are.  

2. Go in with the mentality that you are going to have to return.  And remember, a trip to the Post Office is quicker than a trip to the mall and tackling crazy parking and obnoxious music in the store.  So it’s NBD to swap that out with an easy trip to the PO.

3. If there is a baseline to get free shipping- do it!  That may mean buying multiple sizes to be sure on fit, color… maybe even throw a wildcard in there- something daring, fun and out of your comfort zone.  (remember, you’re already returning items so use this).

4. Read reviews!  Take advice from other women who have worn the garment.

5. Here’s where self-discipline comes.  Once you try it on… tape up IMMediately what you will be returning.  If you have to “think about it”... you clearly don’t love it!! So tape it up baby!!

6. Text pics to a trusted friend.  Often, women can be the worst critic of herself on how she looks.  Pick someone that will give an honest, encouraging opinion. Not someone to just make you feel good.

7. Measuring tape!  With how extreme flattery sizing has gone, it’s best to follow the guidelines for the brands measurements.  If you don’t have one, I’d run to Joann’s or Michael’s and snag one… you’ll use it the rest of your life!

8. Don’t get distracted!  Restrain yourself from purchasing ANY garment that you did not intend to buy.  If you didn’t have the intention going in… that means your closet was FINE without it.

9. Try on the piece with a various amount of undergarments.  It’s always a downer when you can only wear a specific top or dress with a limited amount of bras, etc.

10. After you try it on, hang it in your closet.  How does it coordinate with other pieces in your wardrobe?  Is it versatile enough to exponentially expand your outfit choices?

Now you'll have more time at home with your family and less time galavanting in crowded parking lots and stores!  


To get you started, I rounded up my top 3 picks from my top 3 online retailers.  You can get started below!

Here are my top 3 picks from my favorite online retailers. If they become sold out (these deals get snagged quickly), email me directly or leave a comment and I'll find something for you!1.png

I've added the links, here below for you!

Metallic Skirt from Last Call Neiman Marcus
Bell Sleeve Dress from Nordstrom Rack
Ruffle Peplum from Saks Off 5th

Question: Have you shopped online from any of these 3 retailers?

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