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How to buy a top that will NEVER make you feel "eh"

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A couple years ago (and actually most of my life), I always thought I needed a variety of tops with different styles to have a complete and stylish closet. I felt obligated to have all these cuts, brands, prints, and colors because well… isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  

But things never got better.

It seemed like so often when I was getting dressed, I’d throw on a top, look in the mirror, and be like:  “Neh” ...Then grab another … “Ew gaaaahhhhh” … and another “UGHHHH!!” Then I’d dramatically rip it off and collapse on my bed.

After trying to “mix up” my look, trying not wear what i always wear- I’d go back to that saaaaaaaaame top.

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But then it dawned on me… WHY did I have this feeling of obligation to have such a variety of tops that I’m wasting time and closet space with?

So... I decided that I would take my favorite top… divide it into its components, and figure out why it was my favorite. “Let’s do the math, ladies!” : )

The result?  BLISS & HAPPINESS.  (lol)... (but for real!)

Every top i now grab, gets me really excited and I have the assurance and confidence that they will all make me feel great.

So! What are the 5 parts that make up your IDEAL top??? Well, take your favorite top from your closet out right now.  Put it on. Look in the mirror. And ask yourself these five questions:

  1. What does the cut do for your shape?

  2. How does the fabric highlight your shape?

  3. Where do the shoulder seams, hem and any other seams lay on your body?

  4. What is the color/tone?

  5. Is there a unique feature? (and if there isn’t one, that’s ok)  

SERIOUSLY... I'm super excited for you to try this!.  I also know that some of you have done the closet cleanse (if not, here it is)... I'm excited for you!!

Question:  What's your favorite top in your closet?

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