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The Perfect Guide to Which Jeans You Should Buy

For years I walked around department stores and boutiques, in the search to find just a great jean.  Not a lofty goal, right?  One would hope!!

I would grab and grab piles of jeans till my arms wanted to break (or my mom’s for helping me dig through racks- good thing she’s a rockstar at pilates).  

I would go into the dressing room and slip it on, be like “ew my gosh”, then the next “omg”, and the next whyyyy did I finish my Chipotle burrito”, and the next “why am i shaped like this!!” annnnnnnnnnd the next... I think you catch the drift : )

When a jean didn’t give me quite such a negative visceral reaction, I’d get hopeful!  Hopeful enough, that I wouldn’t really do further inspection, in fear that my hopes would get let down.  

I had faith that they’d magically turn perfect pair… affffffffter I bought them and they were in my closet.  

I'd wear them a few times (in denial of how awful they felt and how dissatisfied I was with the style)  they’d slowly fall to the jeans graveyard at the bottom of a drawer.

Because I was relentless in trying on different jeans (as well as shopping for other woman), I came to understand a LOT of brands- their fit, feel, style.  

We hear what type of jeans is best for our shape… but where do we go from there?  How do we know which brands fit the way we need them to?! How do we avoid our arms breaking off, carrying piles of jeans into the dressing room???!!

I want to help you with that right now!  

Below is a list of HIGHLY recommended brands (they've consistently worked with myself and my clients).  In a nutshell, you can read what the jean feels like on and what it does for your body. 

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Paige: very soft, stretchy-like skin and STILL holds structure

J Brand: great for pear shape, excellent for maternity and post-partum, leg slendering effect, fabric isn’t too thick or thin, “holds me in, yet are stretchy”, sucks it in without being tight

Free People: slimming for bigger thigh/hip, shapely keister, stetchy/comfortable fabric

Frame: classic/ minimal fit, “brand of the year”, stretchy while still having weight and fantastic structure

DL1961: a thinner denim, super stretchy, “big pockets that make you look heart shaped”

Joe’s: excellent form/structure, good stretch without being a ‘stretchy denim’, back pocket=perky placement

Current/Elliott: structured, great for a straighter girl, more of a ‘real denim’ feel (not super stretchy), a casual & classic jean

Citizens of Humanity: “figure friendly that hold their shape”

One last tip, I recommend!  Since this is a high end denim, it will come at a higher price point (but remember, aim for fewer jeans that make you feel great and last longer).  The following online retailers have amazing deals and shipping/return policies for high end denim.  

Nordstrom Rack
Or you can wait for the half-yearly sale at Nordstrom to get them 40% off!

Question:  Which of these matches your style and body?

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