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Closet CheckList SpotLight: The Cardigan

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Cardigan season is HERE!! WoooooHOO! I mean… is there really anything better than opening the front door, feeling a cool breeze and hearing the leaves rustle, then dashing back inside to grab a sweater to button up????

I think N-O-T!!!

So, let’s get prepped for that more-than-magnificent autumnal feeling of hygge.

Cardigans... If you follow my Fashion Essentials: Closet CheckList download, you know I like  one golden rule. Don’t take any one piece of clothing too seriously. What’s that mean? If there is a specific piece that doesn’t excite you or you’d rather rock it in a different color- great! Go with your gut and follow your intuition. The only real rule is that you should wear what you love and love what you wear. 

I’ve recommended on my Checklist that a great seasonal investment is a simple grey, draped cardigan (just PERFto wear with skinny jeans, boots and a simple tee, yet, voila, can also be popped over the shoulders of a classic sheath dress), as well as a basic black cardigan which, it goes without saying, will match with a TON of options. 

I’d like to highlight some current trends and tips for your cardigan buying needs:

Tip #1: Try Texture

Texture is a fantastic way to add  dimension and intrigue to your Look without going “over-the-top”. Using poms, and a thick, raised knit cable pattern are great ways to add a little flair to your Look while staying warm and  subtle.

Tip #2 That’s a Wrap!

If you’ve been a part of my blog for sometime, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the wrap silhouette- it’s SO feminine and elegant! This one in particular can double as a top. And left untied with a blouse underneath will give you a gorgeous drape!

Tip #3 Modernly Over-sized

An over-sized cardigan can be a fantastic piece to easily throw over your skinnies and a tee. Notice how this cardigan softens her leather pants and creates a more approachable and chic Look.

Tip #4 Crop It!

A cropped sweater is PERfect to highlight an hourglass frame and  especially well with dresses, so that you don’t feel like one big block of fabric! It still creates a sense of shape and feminine curve, but in a modest and elegant way. It’s also perfect to  pop over your shoulders for Mass (rather than put your arms through the sleeves). A cropped cut makes an over-the-shoulder look chic without looking like a superhero cape.

And there you have it! Happy shopping, ladies!

Question: What is YOUR favorite cardigan?

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