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All About Balance: A Little Pop vs Over the Top

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Today I’d like us to take a look together at the “philosophical” fashion side. Let’s call it Meghan’s Fashion Theory 101.

I want to speak to the idea of BALANCE. 

Balance is crucial in an outfit. It’s what keeps an outfit from becoming either too dull OR too over-the-top. Balance is the deal breaker that will define  an outfit as elegant and classy… or… well, you know where I’m going with that!

Brice and I attended a wedding recently that has left me thinking about some of my own style choices that day. It might sound like “a lot” but I chose to wear my own former wedding shoes (which are full-on bedazzled heels covered in rhinestones). 

So I agree with you, that sounds like, ‘Whoa Meghan, were YOU getting married or what?’


But hear me out… There was (is) a not-so-secret way to make it, as Tim Gunn would say, werk.

What made it work was that I BALANCED my blingy shoes with a very timeless, you could say almost boring, dress. And I continued to balance out the Look  by wearing no jewelry and allowing the shoes to do all the shining.

If you read about my client, Leslie, in last week’s blog, she too took a pair of gold heels (she once bought for a Mardi Gras party!) and combined them with a very classic, modest black dress. The result (no surprise) was absolutely stunning!

So let’s break this into some practical application. Here are five ways to use  dressier pieces to balance out your overall Look (plus... get more wear -- and value -- out of what you’re buying):

  1. Shoes! Where are those stunning heels you bought for a gala but have yet to wear  again? Pair them with a modest, muted dress and no jewelry. 

  2. Go light on hair and makeup. If you’re bringing in a piece that’s a little dressier,   go as simple as ‘au natural’ with hair and makeup.

  3. Re-use those fancier clutches! Just because you bought a metallic or embroidered clutch for a fancy event, try it with jeans and basic T-shirt. To pull it off casually, just keep the rest of your outfit super simple.

  4. Go for contrast with your dressier skirts. If you have a nice lace or embroidered skirt you usually wear for evenings, try pairing it more casually with a grey T-shirt and a denim jacket. Or try it with a very relaxed sweater to give it a cozy hygge vibe.

  5. Utilize that utility jacket! Though this might feel like a bolder look for some of you, try popping on a utility jacket to add a relaxed vibe to your nicer dresses.

Here are few examples below:

Can’t you just imagine both of these skirts dressed up with heels and a black blouse for an evening out? Yet with these white flats and layers of wool, she disguises the dressiness of the skirt.

Source: Leopard Skirt, Polka Skirt

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.02.21 AM.png

These glitzy heels are balanced out perfectly with a relaxed jean.

Source: FreePeople

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 9.44.23 AM.png

This girly-shiny clutch balances out the tweed skirt and oxford button down. The clutch adds a fun side to the classic preppy combo. It balances the outfit and keeps it from becoming a complete snooze-fest.

And there you go! Hope this lesson on finding your fashion balance helps you get more value out of the less-worn pieces from both sides of  your wardrobe!

Question: What do YOU use to balance your outfits?

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