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2019 Trends for Catholic Women

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Coming back home from our winter trip to Sedona, Arizona, Brice and I hopped in our Uber at the airport for the trip home  and to pass the time, he quizzed me on what I see as the hot trends for this New Year.

Some trends I’m finding to be really interesting, and will be quite easy to incorporate into a current wardrobe. With the fresh excitement of 2019 already in me… this has been adding even more pep to my step and I hope it will for you, too!

But just a second….

Why even CARE about the fashion trends?

Well, by staying aware of  the trends, you can exercise your “style muscle” and learn new ways to rework what you already have in your closet. Think of it like watching movies in another language… Even if  you’re necessarily thaaaaaat interested in the movie, you’re still getting to practice the language.

Okay then, now that we’re on the same page...let’s dive in!

Your 2019 Trends for Catholic Women

Trend # 1: Suiting

Branch away from your typical skinnies and try wearing a straight tailored pant with some sleek ballet flats. Pop on a simple V-neck Tee and denim jacket to make it casual, then dress it up for an evening with a nice blouse. Also, blazers are one of the easiest way to polish off your Look. It’s one of those ‘grab and go’ pieces… if you’re feeling drab, pop it on… et voila!

Trend # 2: Pink

It’s more than a Millenials favorite: pink (or… blush) was ALL over the Spring runways. If you think it’s ‘too girly’ for you, try combining it with more sophisticated pieces, like a camel blazer, or contrast it using leather accents. Remember, it’s all about what you pair with it, in order to give it a ‘new language’.

Trend # 3: Utility

This is where function and fashion harmonize. Cargo pants, utility jackets, patch pockets, cotton drill are all in the mix. If you’re bold, try a cotton jumpsuit!

Trend # 4: Animal Print:

Think of animal print in a new way and not just its stereotypically  saucy connotation. It’s all about what you PAIR it with that can take animal print outside its cage. I recommend pairing it with a timeless, classy dress or blouse and jeans. This way, you get elegance with an artful nip at the wild side. You can also find unique ways to accessorize with it, like in a belt or trim on your handbag. A little bit goes a long way!

And there you have it! I look forward to hearing about how these work for you. Would also LOVE to see some of your pics! Feel free to tag me how you use these trends on Instagram or email me questions on how to “work it” at

Question: Which trend will YOU be incorporating this year?!

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