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My Takeaway From London Fashion

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I visited from the incredible city of London. As you may have seen from my previous blog, the latest Travel Go-To Dress, my hubby Brice and I spent some time the entire week in London.

I’m always excited to check out the fashions of a new city, beyond the stereotypes and what you see on TV & movies… and get a true sense of what people actually wear on the day-to-day.

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I went in thinking London fashion would be all classic, prim & proper elegance, and nothing “in your face”.

… I was wrong!

I was surprised to see the creative vibrancy Londoners had in their outfits… not to mention WAY more skirts and dresses than we typically wear in the States.

LESSON LEARNED: Skirts and dresses are a London girl’s best friends.

There was not just femininity but a BOLDNESS to their dress. There were oodles and oodles of woman in feminine silhouettes in punchy colors and prints. That’s what really impressed me: the way London women daringly mixed bold, vibrant colors and didn’t shy from prints!!

I thought you and I could do the same. For example, I live in the beautiful … but hot … city of Austin. Skirts and dresses are perfect for this weather!

Below are a couple examples how you can be BOLD and FEMININE, and replicate how these London ladies pushed the limits. At first glance, you may think these pieces don’t match. I thought so too, but what we should be asking is, “Does it go?”

The answer is: YES! And don't be afraid to mix those prints- it's a BIG trend this Fall season.

Yellow and Red Moxey

I also loved how they really embraced the trendiness of wearing sneakers with midi skirts… the Londoners really pull it off!

Comfy Retro Elegance

Again, this is referring to the ‘street style’ of London. So, you do (like any city) have a more ‘anything goes’ attitude (which comes with the melting pot and adventurous mix of people). But what surprised me and set them apart was the daring ways they used color and prints to highlight their feminine frame.

A Trio of Prints

As someone who lives half the year in southern France and the other half deep in the heart of Texas, I’m used to a lot of muted, classic outfits… but way too many jeans! Yes… I said it. Jeans aren’t a summer look, ladies. So I can say this was definitely a fresh surprise!

Question: What do YOU think about London's fashion? I know there are a few of you out there ; )

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