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4 Things Your Hairstylist Wants You To Do

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So many times, I’ve gone to the hair stylist and wanted them do what they think would look best. Here’s a secret… I’ve had some of the most EMBARRASSING haircuts on the planet. (too awful to even show!) This bad habit makes me think, “Since I’ve been there before”, there’s nothing to lose... it will grow back.”

Those bad haircuts have made me very open (even too open) when going to my hair stylist.

I would walk into the hair salon and just ask her what she recommends. What would turn my sub-par hair to daaaaazzle!

Not the best approach, would you agree? Though I’m always thrilled with the possibility of being surprised when my problems are magically solved. as if a genie comes who will give me a new hairstyle and change my life.

Instead, all she ever says to me, is “Well, what do you want? What do you like?”

I respond, “I don’t want what i want! I want what looks best! I want YOU to tell me what I don’t know.”

But then… she looks at my hair, then me again with a confused look, and asks again, “Hmmmm… What do you want????? WHAT DO YOU LIKE???!!!!!!”

And the disappointment seeps in, again….

But for those of you that know me, I’m not quite that gutsy to talk like that to a stranger : )

Enter, the Hairstyle Genie


Just so happens I have a new, lovely friend that also happens to be a hairstylist, who (as of this week) is now MY hairstylist.

I was able to tell her about this ‘circumstance’ I always have. Thankfully, she gave me a lot of wonderful insight.

She was frank with me and explained that hairstylists ALWAYS hesitate to give you a bold cut that… no matter HOW aesthetically pleasing it is to you. Why? Because if you end up not “liking it”... that lack of confidence will show and it will be a TRAIN WRECK…

and your stylist doesn’t want to be mixed up in that kind of affair...

That made A LOT of sense to me. I mean, it’d be horrible if a stylist gave you a bob and even though it looked amazing, you used her hair as a security blanket.  Can you imagine the yelp review?!?!

Well then, HOW DO WE ASK OUR HAIRSTYLE for that NEW and FUN look we’ve always wanted… but just don’t know what it looks like? I asked my hairstylist what things SHOULD I be considering before I make that big cut.

She gave me GREAT advice, so I want to share them with you.


  1. Think about the texture of your hair. Chat with your stylist if your hair will “accept” the cut you want. Many people bring photos of what they want, but SO much of it depends on the texture and thickness of your hair if it will come out the same way.

  2. Consider your face shape, but also confidence comes into play. Whatever hairstyle you pick, you want to “trick” the eye so that your face shape looks oval. Now, you can never compromises cutting to your face shape for the confidence/liking that style

  3. Maintenance. Are you someone that wants to wake up and go? If that be, make sure you’re completely honest with your hairstylist about your morning routine. There’s no point in having a fussy cut if you’re not going to take care of it. And vice versa, if you like styling your hair, make sure you have a cut that leaves you with a lot of options.

  4. Color. Are you homestyling those highlights or trying to pull off that ombre? She told me that where you put lighter/darker colors ALSO contributes to flattering your face shape. I had never heard this! So, make sure you know the highlights and lowlights of your hair.

Now, as simple as these seem… what I am accepting is that there is no magic formula. Just follow these practical steps and soak up all of the information your hair stylist has. Questions! Questions! Questions!

As a fashion stylist, I’ll concur that the more my client talks to me and inquires- the better off she will be. We will both come to a better understanding of the direction she wants to go.

Question: What do YOU always ask your hairstylist when you want a dramatic cut?

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