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Catholic TV: The Gist Interview with Danielle Bean

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Recently, I was interviewed by the wonderful Danielle Bean (who just came out with her newest book!) who hosts ‘The Gist’ on Catholic TV. The show is for Catholic women and discussions topics such as Catholic family life, personal faith journeys, and topics like abortion, parenting, confession, marriage, and dating.

Danielle and I dove into the wonderful world of fashion, shopping, and Catholicism.

Specifically, we discussed how our faith plays an important role in our fashion sense as Catholic women.

We discussed how I came into styling as a Catholic and also some tips I have for women who want to revamp their Look.

I offer you some advice on how your dream wardrobe is not complicated to find. You just have to be aware of your day to day, what you like, do some research on Pinterest and Instagram (make sure to follow me if you don’t already!), speak to other women - especially Catholic! - about fashion, and…

We talked why Catholic fashion is MORE than just being modest!

To get you started on finding your DREAM wardrobe, you can watch the full episode by clicking the video below. Enjoy!


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Question: What is the first step YOU are taking to revamp your style?

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