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10 Tips To Shop For Your Man:

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I’ve learned a lot growing up with two older brothers. Most of the lessons-learned are sports-related. Between getting pucks chucked at me dressed in catcher’s gear and learning how to punch…

the one thing I really honed my skills on (and much more useful!)... is...

shopping for men.

(Who to root for, Giants or Angels? … having a conflict of interest here)

(Who to root for, Giants or Angels? … having a conflict of interest here)

My brothers are the typical “guy” style. They don’t want anything too fashiony, yet they don’t want to look like total nerds. So somewhere between safe and stylish is where they fall.

Enter… my husband, who is somewhat the opposite of my brothers. He’s a Frenchie, raised in Texas, and didn’t grow up playing every American sport. Needless to say, an interesting twist! And definitely added a dash of spice in brewing up my skills to shop for men.

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My marriage has given me such an opportunity to stretch my skills and find some guidelines to help you shop for men, too.

During the holidays you’ll see a lot of bloggers build “gift guides”. But I wanted to give you the reigns. Below, I wrote down my best tips to shop for your sweet man.

Here are 10 of the most crucial factors when buying for your special someone, son, friend, or husband.

1. Stick with simple colors. Unlike women, guys stick to a handful of colors. Save time by not looking at anything unnecessary… or too colorful.

2. Men like clothing that is practical. Doublecheck what’s in their closet and be sure that what you’re purchasing matches a TON of what they already have. Don’t try NEW.

3. Men like no-fuss. Stay clear of buying pieces that have to be worn ‘a certain way’ and comes with guidelines and constituents. Make their life easier, not more cluttered.

4. Look for discounts. When he asked how much did it cost… first say… “guess how much i saaaaaved” LOL

5. Guys need accessories, too! Hats, pocket squares, and belts can all be used for adding that little zip and polish to their Look!

6. Read the reviews before buying. Since you’re not a man, we don’t know how things fit so it’s best to see what other guys say about it and rate it.

7. Dress him for who he is, not a guy version of yourself! If your man likes the outdoors, avoid getting him dress shirts and slacks.

8. Check what needs to be replaced (stain, worn out, doesn’t fit). By being firstly practical, you’ve opened them up to shopping for clothes…. But make sure to NEVER throw anything out without his approval.

9. Stick to stores with quality, where you can buy timeless, chic pieces but for a great price. Try Last Call Neiman Marcus, Saks Off 5th, and Nordstrom Rack. Even browse on Amazon, as you can often find great pieces there.

10. Listen. Maybe I should’ve put this as #1… :) Listen to how they critique their clothes - on a comfort level and style-wise. You don’t want to lose their attention span and ‘openness’ by giving them things they already said they didn’t like.

And… below, I’m giving you a headstart! I’ve been finding absolute GEMS at Off 5th and Last Call. So, here are a few that might work for you, too!

Question: What is YOUR numero uno tip for shopping for men?

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