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5 things to stop saying when you're out shopping

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Do you ever feel like your closet is sub-par? But you don’t understand why because it’s made up of pieces you’ve BOUGHT… so how the heck does it all look like big hot mess?!


It makes no sense, right??? Because you can be in the store...think a blouse is cute… so you get it.

.....and after seeing it just hang in your closet for 2 whoooooooooole months (eye roll), you start to regret it.



All of that WASTED money. Oy VAY.

I can remember when I was younger going into Nordstrom Rack (those were the days!!) and just grabbing pieces left and right.

I'd be zipping through the aisles, "Ooooh I like this…. Oh this cute! …. hmmm this is super on sale, and don’t I always need a black blouse? Definitely!"

By the time I got to the dressing room, I'd hold the line up because I'd have to subtract clothes, in order to get into the dressing room because they didn’t have a number card BIG enough.

(Sorry fellow, Nord's shoppers!!)

 And when I’d try the pieces on, some I could immediately reject… and then some of them looked good.

When something gave me that tingle of excitement, I'd immediately hang it in the "Keep Hook" of the dressing room.

Eventually, the "Keep Hook" would get pretty big. As my wardrobe grew and grew, it felt a little schizophrenic. I just wanted it to "make sense". I wanted to wear EVERYthing I bought. 

It was annoyyyyyying to see clothes just sit on the hanger. 

Also, I didn't want every time getting dressed for Church (sidenote: I wore a uniform to school and played a lot of sports- church was pretty much the only thing I did that didn't require a uniform, if only! lol!), to end a manic battle of ripping clothes on and off... setting me in BAD MOOD.

OKay.... but the saga has to get better, right?


As I got beyond those frustrating closet years. I realized there were FIVE THINGS I stopped saying to myself in the store.

# 1. Stop buying pieces that just ‘get by”, or think you “can make it work”. If you're not head over heels with it in the store... I can GUARANTEE you won't like it in 2 months. It will hang in your closet... lonely.

# 2. Stop buying pieces because “it’s on sale” or “it’s so cheap”. These pieces end up being a waste of money. They distract your style and throw it off course, creating more problems than you already have.

# 3. Stop settling for pieces because of a time crunch. Make sure you plan to block your time and shop efficiently, so that you don't buy anything under pressure (i.e. need a dress for a wedding or a nice blazer skirt for an interview).

# 4. Stop buying pieces, so that you can get out of the stores an finish shopping. Not everyone loves to shop till they drop. I recommend bringing a friend to make the process more enjoyable, this won't allow you to surrender to sub-par pieces, just so you can get home and tend to what you love to do.

# 5. Stop buying pieces that you confine you to wear it specific ways. These are some of the worst pieces to buy in your closet. Pieces that you have to say "well I can wear it with this pant because then I can sort of tuck it in and it doesn't make my hips look big... oh and I have to wear a jacket with it too" or whatever it is... you know what I'm saying. These types of clothes bring added stress. YUCK! Every piece in your closet should OPEN to outfit possibilities, not confine you.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you, because this has really helped me!

Question: What will YOU have to stop saying to yourself in the store?




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