Closes THIS Friday, May 31st


Today, I am opening the door to help more Catholic women, and I want you to be the first to receive a private invitation...  

Imagine a year from today… you wake up to get dressed… and it’s the EASIEST it’s ever been (even fun!). Without hesitation you quickly pull together an outfit that makes you feel like the beautiful, polished, classy woman you are.

In fact, you love your clothes SO MUCH that you have to do little shopping the next few years, because every piece in your closet is strategically curated and picked.

Well… if you wish you had this scenario, then you will want to join my CATHOLIC STYLING CLUB

In order to help YOU as much as possible, I’d like to note that there are …

Only 3 spot available...

…So make sure to join before the spots are taken and I close the Catholic Styling Club, THIS Friday, May 31st.

Over the past year and a half, I have helped Catholic women find their Personal Style and educated them how to be their OWN personal stylist. They've said that my help and knowledge was a huge blessing to FINALLY attain their new style and beautiful, stress-free wardrobe.

And... we had a LOT of fun.  

I've put together how I did all of this into easy-to-follow steps that allow YOU to apply them to your personal style goals.  

Now, during the beautiful month of May (Mary’s month!! Yay!), it’s a fantastic time for you to start revamping your closet and understanding your personal style. I can assure you that the benefits will give you a healthy confidence and even impact the morale of your family.

Now is the time to invest in the skills to build the perfect wardrobe… rather than make purchases you regret (that’s the worst!!).  

~ Enroll in the Catholic Fashion Club today and benefit from having me help you with your STYLE, WARDROBE, SHOPPING.

Every month, you receive all the goodies below:

For just $99 a month… you get me, weekly tips and advice (see below), and an inside scoop every month on the best pieces for the season.

You can enroll today, and if you find this doesn’t work for you… NO PROBLEM! You can cancel at anytime (though no one has!). Plus, if you cancel in the first 30 days, I’ll send you your money back. This way… there is ZERO risk to you. I’m just here trying to give you every reason to take your fashion and look to the next step.

Style is all about understanding how to flatter your unique body, practically dress for your lifestyle, and express your one-of-a-kind personality. In this CATHOLIC STYLING CLUB I want to teach YOU to be your own Personal Stylist.

Below you will find what the CATHOLIC STYLING CLUB includes…

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 9.40.36 AM.png

1. Weekly Fashion Advice

You will receive via email Weekly Fashion Advice to keep you moving forward with building your dream style. Fashion, you will find, is all about building the right habits (as Saint Thomas Aquinas would say!)

You will also receive Style Challenges to build your creativity and knowledge how to mix and match what you already have. I want to empower & educate YOU to be your own personal stylist.

And let’s not forget the most important. We will do a Closet Cleanse for every aspect of your closet (winter, summer, shoes, tops, bottoms, jackets- we brake it all down and go bit by bit over time)

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 9.43.41 AM.png

2. Monthly Top 10 Pieces (timeless styles AND trends)

Every 30 days you receive my TOP 10 PIECES of the month for pieces to buy (a great deal for amazing quality to invest in).

Between the amount of time I’m shopping for my clients, to the recommendations I receive from other women, I am always discovering new pieces that look AMAZING! And I wish I could shout it to everyone to buy!!!

Best of all, these pieces are of HIGH quality and priced really well. So you are all set for every season of the year!

You’ll even get the knowledge of WHY I recommend specific pieces in my explanations.


3. Me - Meghan Ashley - as Your Personal Stylist!

And to top it ALL off, you have me available for you on email, on demand, and unlimited!

When you join the Styling Club, you’ll have the opportunity to email me your questions about your closet, your style, clothes you’re considering buying, even email me photos of pieces you’re unsure should remain in your closet. I am here for YOU. Think of my as your “go-to” fashion girl. Your style guru sister and is here to solve all of your fashion probs.